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Label Printing & More for Each Industry, We Print It All

At MayaPack, we create high-quality labels that attract customers to your products. When you need specialty labels that are resistant to water, oil, chemicals or other environmental factors, we’re here to provide them.

Do you need custom label printing to make your products stand out on the shelf? We’ll help you create eye-catching labels that meet your budgetary and timeline requirements. What about large format printing, signage, and wall art to spice up your space or catch your customer’s’ eye when they enter your office? Whatever industry you’re in, we’re here to help customers notice you. Take a look at the wide range of industries we serve.

Wine, Liquors & Other Beverages

At MayaPack, we print labels for every size and shape of beverage container you’ve ever seen. Our ability to customize labels lets you create unique wine labels that reflect your wine’s personality and give your bottles an edge over your competitors.

label printing for food and dairy products

Food and Dairy

We deliver labels designed to hold up to the temperatures and humidity requirements of diffrent food products, with hot and cold foil transfer labels available to make your products stand out. We’ll meet all the food handling standards.

Health & Personal Care

Health & personal care products often come in containers with interesting shapes. We’re ready to give you the labels you need to suit each unique container. We can use flexography processes to print on clear labels when you want your product to be visible, or add metallic touches to make the containers look upscale and special.

label printing for healtchare and personal care products

Cosmetic and Beauty Products

With a focus on texture and colour, we print beautiful labels for cosmetics and beauty products that stand out on any shelf. Whether your products come in a tube, a jar or a bottle, we can present you with eye-catching graphic design plus the ability to label with special materials and effects.

Home Care Products

Whether you need shrink sleeve labels or labels for squeezable containers, we’ll deliver work that draws attention. Talk to us about oil- and water-resistant labels for cleaning products or laminated labels to keep dust and grime away.

Electronics and Mobile Phones

Labels for electronics often must be printed in extremely small sizes on tough materials that can withstand harsh environments. At MayaPack, we’ll match the label material, topcoat, and printing to the specific technology you’re labeling to make sure your labels fit perfectly and provide easy visual recognition.

Chemicals and Lubricants

Labeling specialty chemicals and lubricants are more about ensuring communication and safety than about trying to sell a product. We’ll design labels for your chemical products to make sure product use and workplace safety considerations are clearly communicated.

label printing for automotive products


Labels for used for automotive products must be able to stand up to enormous amounts of chemical, environmental and even grime while remaining intact and legible. We customize your automotive labels with the right kind of adhesive and materials. We can also take care of all your vehicle wrap needs from cars, trucks to large 18 wheeler trailers. Go to our large format printing section to learn more about our vehicle wrapping services.

Interior Design for Home & Office

Graphic design comes to the forefront when you’re looking to transform your space. Our brilliant designers can work with your ideas to create gorgeous graphics that complement your home or office, while our large format printing on various materials lets us execute them to perfection.

Events and Promotions

Design matters again when you’re printing large format signage & tradeshow booths for events and promotions. At MayaPack, we can print all your large decorative graphics you need to attract attention and keepsakes you can pass out with our in-mold technology.fection.

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