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Label Printing for the Automotive Industry

Whether you’re slapping a label on a plastic jug of windshield washer fluid or molding your label design onto a case of synthetic motor oil, you need an automotive product label that stands out and looks authoritative. Your label design needs to show that your product is something people can trust, or else they won’t want to use your product on their vehicles. Here’s what you need to think about when considering your product labels for automotive fluids & parts.


The automotive industry has special needs when it comes to labeling it’s products. Exposed to a variety of harsh chemicals, labels created for automotive products need to have special adhesives and coatings that keep them in place and looking spectacular. We have the technology and expertise to ensure your labels stick to your products as well in your customers mind.

Label Printing


The technology behind the label determines what kinds of labels you can use. Digital printing allows us to create self-adhesive or in-mold labels for small production runs. This gives you the chance to test out label concepts in smaller runs and see how they perform in automotive shops in your market. We also have flexography, which allows us to create self-adhesive and in-mold labels for larger product runs.

Our Automotive Product

Label Advantage

When you come to us for help with a label for oil or any other automotive product, you can expect great customer service. We want to exceed your expectations – and that means we’re going to work with you to ingenious and create a personalized label for your product. Whether you need labels for a small run or a large scale operation, we can help. Our high printing quality ensures that when customers see your automotive products, they stand out and look trustworthy.


If you are looking for really big solutions, our large format printing services has everything covered. We cover your walls, your cars, and even your chairs. But of course we can give you beautiful signage too, all with incredible quality.


The Challenges Behind Automotive Product Labels

Motor oil, transmission fluid, and other automotive products have unique labeling needs. For example, when your customer is changing their oil, chances are good that some might spill over and onto your label – which is why all of our labels are resistant to oil, water, and chemicals. Automotive shops are rough places – it’s not uncommon for containers to be shoved into tiny bins and rub against one another – which is why our labels are resistant to friction. Simply put: our labels are engineered to stand up to the wear and tear they’ll face in a rough and tumble environment

The Process

Creating the proper label for your automotive product starts with the first meeting with our sales team. We’ll discuss your product and your market goals. Then, we send the specifications over to engineering, who will ensure that your label will handle everything you can throw at it. Next, design will come into play and discuss branding. Our exceptional customer service will be working with you through this entire process. Finally, we’ll do a trial production run to ensure that everything meets our strict quality control standards. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll deliver your automotive product labels.

Let’s Get Your Product on the Shelves


If you’re ready to get started, tell us about your project. Or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to discuss your automotive labeling needs and answer any labeling related questions you may have.