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Label Printing for Home Care Products

If you want your home care product to succeed, then you need to be cognizant of its physical packaging – including labels. We’re aware that your labels are not only part of your brand, but they’re used to showcase important information and draw attention over your competitors. We also recognize many cleaning products utilize caustic chemicals and substances that can be dangerous if mixed or come into contact with other materials. Not to mention the way your label can be affected as far as look and how it adheres to your product’s packaging.


We use a range of printing technologies to support our cleaning or home care product labeling capabilities. We create labels that will work regardless of the conditions or chemicals they are exposed to with our label finishing techniques.

Printing Technology

Flexography uses a printing process that makes flexible relief plates that are wrapped around a printing cylinder and then installed. This type of printing has found its place in letterpress printing but has now developed into a solution for any surface or substrate, including nonporous surfaces like metallic films and papers. It imprints directly on nonporous materials, making it an ideal printing process any kind of label, including in mold labels– like the material used for many home care products.

The advantage of flexography is a fast application, even during heavy loads. This adds to business efficiency. It’s also a flexible method of printing, with its roll to roll process allowing it to accommodate for the printing process embossing or screen printing and then easy application.

Digital Printing with
Self Adhesives and More

Small to mid-size businesses can take advantage of the benefits of digitally printed labels, as its ideal for managing Image small print runs, thanks to its flexibility and personalization options. It’s a cost-effective way to bring your packaging into life while having excellent quality.

The indigo label press was introduced digital label printing in the early 1990s. However, newer technologies have dramatically improved the role of the digital label printing and self-adhesives. The benefits are that there are no printing plates required, with very high-quality outputs. For burgeoning businesses, digital printing and self-adhesives can be used for home care products since they need minimal setup. Digital printing molds to materials like heat shrink sleeve, allowing it to be an ideal solution for your squeezable bottles.

We specialize in both flexography and digital printing processes as it allows for different types of printing qualities and applications. Our printing labels can be water and chemical resistance, with a delivery time that will ensure the appropriate shipping of your items.

Labels for Home
Care Products

Household cleaning and other products and their labels face competition due to all the big brand home cleaning products that are on the market. Whether you’re printing a label or packaging a product for laundry detergents, cleaning chemicals & supplies, or even household goods and appliances; we provide a large selection of label options. Plus if we don’t already offer it, our incredible engineering team will develop a custom label for your specifications. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to meet all your needs right up to vigorous handling conditions and requirements enacted by governments.

With the different types of the materials used in each product, it’s difficult for some companies to find the best materials for their unique projects or printing requirements. We consider label shapes, sizes, and materials as viable factors when printing the ideal design to fit perfectly over your jugs, spray bottles, and tubes.

An aspect that you need to consider when it comes to labels for home care products is how much information is going to be included on the actual label. It may need to display instructions, directions in multiple languages, and additional warnings to protect the consumer. Expandable content labels are valuable since they can showcase user information without adding to the actual bulk of the package.


The Challenges Faced By
Home Care
Product Labels

Regardless of the size of the product, we understand that governing agencies have enacted labeling requirements that businesses need to follow, with it even evaluating what words you use. The challenges are creating a shelf-popping label that meets all these communication requirements. By not complying to these regulations, we understanding that you not only are at risk for your products to be pulled from distribution, but the educated consumer may not be interested in products with improper or poor labeling. Our home care labels not only help you communicate the potential dangers to your consumers, but with different label options they can provide enough real estate to assist the consumer in understanding how to best use the home care product.

We also understand it’s important that your bottles use labels that will outlast the life of the product, as you don’t want labels to fade or get removed with everyday use. Our water, oil and chemical resistant labels options as well as our heat-shrink sleeves ensure your labels will hold up from manufacturing to distribution and on to consumer use.

The Label Creation Process

Creating the proper label for your cleaning or home care product starts with the first meeting with our sales team. We’ll discuss your product and your market goals. We will also help you determine if there are any special needs regarding chemical resistant adhesives and finishes for your labels. Then, we send the specifications over to engineering, who will ensure that your label will handle everything you can throw at it. Next, design will come into play and discuss branding. Our exceptional customer service will be working with you through this entire process. Finally, we’ll do a trial production run to ensure that everything meets our strict quality control standards. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll deliver your cleaning or home care product labels.


If you are looking for really big solutions, our large format printing services has everything covered. We cover your walls, your cars, and even your chairs. But of course we can give you beautiful signage too, all with incredible quality.

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