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All About Our Design, Label & Large Format Printing Services

At MayaPack, we provide the specialized printing services you need. Whether you require custom-designed labels for your perfume bottles, large-format printing for your office space, wall art and signage, or unique in-mold labels for promotional material that grabs consumer’s eye, we can deliver print jobs that exceed your expectations.

label printing services

Design Services

Our talented design team is ready to sit down with you and design the labels that will make you proud. We’ll work with your ideas or start from scratch.

But our design expertise doesn’t end with labels. We also specialize in large formt designs. We can design anything from custom wall-art, brand your office with amazing one of a kind wall papers, and even create floor graphics that will jump out at you. We can also create beuatiful signage that is gauranteed to catch anyones eye. Don’t even be missed again at another trade show or event.

Ask us how we can help your products stand out on the shelf.

Label Printing

We can provide label printing for all your products, whether you’re a small business that only requires short printing runs or a larger organization that needs to keep large volumes of product flowing. If you want to handle design yourself, we’ll step in at the printing stage, or let us handle your design work as well. We will be happy to sit down and provide a design and marketing assessment to help you figure out the best way to move your products forward.

  • Health and Home Care. We’ll provide the self-adhesive labels you need for bottles and packages as well as heat-shrink sleeves for your products delivered in tubes and more. Our labels are also ideal for your Personal and Beauty Care and Naturist Beauty Care products.
  • Food and Beverages. In addition to self-adhesive labels and heat-shrink sleeves for cans and tubes, we’re ready to print the special labels required for squeezable packaging such as ketchup or juices. In addition, ask us about our food safe, environmentally durable, water & oil resistant, peelable with expandable content labels. If you’re selling wine, beer, liquor or mezcal, we’ll print stunning labels that attract customers

Customization and Specialty Labels

Our custom design and printing services are ideal when you want to print special short-run labels for wines or other craft beverages and foods with that personalized touch. Your customers love to see products they can relate to or speaks only to them. Take advantage of calling them by name and drawing them in.

Other specialized label printing that we provide includes security labels for your Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, as well as for Mobile Devices and other Electronics. These labels are ideal to prevent product tampering or to guard against theft.

We’re also able to provide a whole new level of innovation with such technologies as Augmented Reality or AR. These labels allow your customers to click on a QR-code or other digital code to lead them to your website that lets them have a personalized experience of your product’s benefits.

plastic in-mold labels printing services

Plastics and In-mold Labeling

In-mold labeling, also known as IML, is an ideal choice when you need cups, tubs, or buckets created with the label as an integral part of the container. Whether you’re printing promotional drink cups or popcorn tubs and ice cream buckets, we can provide this unique print service to help draw all eyes your way. Not to mention showcase your product constantly as the packaging is reusable, always keeping your brand in people’s minds.

Leave a lasting impression that people will keep. Take advantage of this technology for speical events and promotions and let your audience take a little peice of you with them.

Large Format Printing

Decorate an entire wall in your business with large-format printing. We can print on canvas and other textiles as well as on wallpaper and other paper-based mediums. One popular choice for wall art is self-adhesive vinyl that sticks right onto your wall securely and provides eye-popping signage. If your business holds special events or heads to expos and trade shows, talk to us about how our large-format printing can make you stand out. Transform your retail space that gets people to walk in rather than walk by.

Flexography Printing Technology

Very few printing companies in Mexico are even able to provide flexographic printing technology with our level of expertise. But at MayaPack, we’re prepared to step in with this high quality technology that’s ideal for large volume print runs. Flexography lets you transform your products with stunning clarity, match colors precisely, and it’s a great choice when you want laminated, die-cut and foil labels. Your products will never look better.

Digital Printing Technology

This high-tech printing choice lets us print thermosensitive labels for you, so you don’t have to worry whether the adhesive will be affected by environmental elements. We also use this technology to print transparent labels that let you show off your product at its best with variable capabilities that give it a personalized touch.

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At MayaPack, our goal is providing you with end products that are light-years ahead of your competition — labels, large format printing and more — will make your company stand out from the crowd. Complete the form below or Call us to discuss how we can help you for your small business or large corporation.