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Label Design Services for Your Products

Imagine staring at a shelf of similar products. Which one do you pick? Odds are, the first product you grab will be the one with the most eye-catching label. For smaller producers that are looking for cost-effective ways to get noticed, your product’s label makes all the difference. You need to keep your label on brand – people need to like your label enough to pick up your product and trust it enough to buy your product. A high-quality label is also a great way to improve brand awareness.

Whether you need graphic design or a branded label for your product, our creative design team will work with you to come up with a variety of unique concepts that will fit your brand’s personality. After we’ve developed a few ideas, our engineering department provides an assessment to ensure each concept will work. Once you’ve approved the design, it goes into printing.

If you already have established your brand, we also offer a variety of technologies which allows you to bring your existing artwork and designs to us to print.


We use a range of design services around all the specialty technology and labeling techniques we utilize. our design experts know exactly what it takes to design the perfect label based on your technical desires.

Label Design for Businesses Products

If you have a product, you need a label. And not just any label will do – your label needs to inspire confidence in your brand while simultaneously attracting positive attention. For a pharmaceutical company, this could mean a warm, sophisticated label. For a soft drink, you’ll want something flashy and exciting. Here are some of the different industries we’ve helped develop labels for:

  • mezcal
  • chocolate producers
  • craft food and beverage
  • naturist beauty care
  • wine, beer, and liquor
  • security labels for pharmaceutical companies and the chemical industry
  • other food and beverages
  • and much more

Different Kinds of Labels

Different types of products require different labels. For example, your product in the health and home care industry might need a beautiful designed self-adhesive label for bottles and packaging, or a heat shrink sleeve for certain tubes. Work with food or beverages? Then you’re looking at a heat shrink sleeve for your cans and bottles, a peelable cap label for certain beverages, and squeezable labels for your ketchup, juices, and snack packages.

We also design self-adhesive labels for personal and beauty care products, and personalized self-adhesive labels for wine, beer, liquors, and of course, mezcal. Need something with a bit more security? We offer unique security labels to pharmaceutical companies, the chemical industry, electronics, and mobile phone producers.


If you are looking for really big solutions, our large format printing services has everything covered. We cover your walls, your cars, and even your chairs. But of course we can give you beautiful signage too, all with incredible quality.


Label Design Services

The Hidden Benefits of Our Labels Designs

Our food labeling technologies offer label options that can withstand all environmental extremes ranging from frozen food in a freezer to wet and humid storage.

label design services

Safe self-adhesive labels

We personalize every design and create a concept based on your brand’s personality. You’ll have an image that is both coherent with your business and projects a great look to your customers. With our label designs, your market is going to want your product. But our benefits run a bit deeper than a great look – we can also offer solutions that can be used to prevent theft or tampering.

Guaranteed Greatness

Our design team is constantly working with our engineering team to ensure that your label design or in-mold design will look great after printing is completed. If you’re ready to improve your branding with a high-quality label, then contact us today, and we’ll find a way to help!

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Contact us at MayaPack today or give us some information about your project and we’ll discuss how our label design services can transform your products and your brand into an eye-popping showcases that gets noticed by your customers.

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