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Foils & Special Effects
Printing for Labels

In a crowded marketplace, one of the best ways to make your product stand out is to use foil or special effects on your label. A hint of gold or a splash of silver could be the difference between being noticed or being ignored. We also offer special finishes that will make your label more durable.


When you work with us, your label is custom designed and engineered to fit your container’s type, size, and shape. We provide an affordable label printing solution for smaller businesses while still providing the high-end label you require for large runs of a sophisticated product.


So, let’s talk about how different label finishes can help you.




We use a range of printing technologies that take full advantage of the beauty adding foils, metallic inks and special coatings to your labels, no matter what product they will be showcasing. Your imagination is really the only thing that holds us back from creating a show stopping label with extra class and sparkle.

Label Varnishes for Different Industries

It doesn’t matter whether your product is a food, beverage, or targeted towards the health and home care market – a bright, unique label will serve as an extension of your brand and help customers identify your product. In addition to the health and home care industry, here are some other industries that may benefit from adding sex appeal to their labels through the use of special effects printing:

  • Food and beverages
  • personal and beauty care
  • craft food and beverages
  • naturist beauty care
  • wine, beer, liquors, mezcal

Also, we can also provide special security labels for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, if necessary.

Foil for Your Product’s Label

Laminates, special effect printing, and foil can all be used for a wide variety of labels. Here’s a brief list of how some of our past clients have incorporated foil into their labels:

  • Products in the health and home care industry use foil alongside self-adhesive labels, heat shrink sleeves, and in-mold printing.
  • Products in the food and beverages industry do the same, but also apply foil to peelable caps and squeezable labels.
  • Personal and beauty care products frequently use special effects in their self-adhesive and in-mold labels.
  • Craft food, beverages, and naturist beauty care all use foil in self-adhesive and heat shrink labels.
  • You’ll frequently see wine, beer, liquor, and mezcal products that incorporate foil with in-mold and self-adhesive labels for promotional purposes.
  • Other industries, such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, frequently use foil labels as an enhanced their features.

What Makes a Foil Label Great

The short answer? When you incorporate foil or special effects into your label, it will stand out. It’s simple, but it’s true: people are attracted to shiny objects. There are many different colors of foil that can catch the light and create an eye-catching shimmer effect. By applying a metallic pigment or foil, we can give your product a unique image that captivates your target market. You can also use metallic inks to add depth and sparkle to your product.

The Label Creation Process

When you’re ready to create a label, here’s how the process will play out. It starts when you meet with our sales team. We’ll ask for various specifications – what is your product, who’s your target audience, do you have any pre-existing artwork you’d like to incorporate? After we get the basic details, our engineering team and our expert designers will work together to develop a concept that stands out. Once you’ve approved the concept, we’ll go to pre-press, where our customer service will be eagerly awaiting for your feedback. Finally, we head to production, where our quality control system is in place to ensure your product comes out looking great.

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Label Design services

We not only print every kind of label you can imagine, we also design them for you. If you have an idea in mind or want to try a new technique to make your products even more vibrant, our design team can design a beautiful custom label just for you. On brand, on time, and on budget.


Label it so it will last and give your customers something they want to keep. Promotional cups, coffee mugs, re-usable containers, we print personalized labels for it all. Let your brand remembered by leaving a lasting impression with our in-mold labeling services.