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Expandable Content and Peel-able Label Services 

Many print shops can provide you with basic labels for your products. But where do you go when you need special labels for your food, cleaning, pharmaceutical, beauty or chemical products? What do you do if you want a peelable label that opens up to display more content?

In that case, you need to call us at MayaPack, where we provide all your label printing and design services, including expandable content labels and peelable labels.


When you need to include more information for you customers, we print peelable labels and expandable content labels. These lables give you the ability to communiate more without taking up precious product realestate. We can format them to almost any size and shape you need to fit your product while getting the message across.

When to Use
Expandable Content Labels

Do you want to add some recipes to your food product labels to encourage your consumers to experiment? Do your ultra-small electronics products require instructions, but there’s no room on the packaging to include them?

When you don’t have the real estate on a standard label to add all the content you need, a peel-able, expandable content label is the ideal choice. These labels look like a traditional label when the product’s on the shelf, but once you peel them off, they open up beautifully like a tiny book. Now you have all the room you need for diagrams on how to use the product, suggestions for recipes or serving displays, and complicated instructions for electronics or cleaning products.

At MayaPack, we have the in-house talent as well as the technology to create these very special labels. We can custom design the label’s outward appearance as well as the inside content, and we’ll engineer each label to fit the shape and size of your product containers.

Use these peelable labels as well when you’re running a special promotion. We print these labels with a special adhesive that pulls away cleanly from the product without damaging the underlying label or message. These peelable labels are ideal to use as branding stickers that kids can put on their backpacks or jackets, or employ them when you want to offer peel-away prizes as part of a promotional contest or campaign.

Why Use
Peel-able Labels

Small to mid-size businesses can take advantage of the benefits of digitally printed labels, as its ideal for managing Image small print runs, thanks to its flexibility and personalization options. It’s a cost-effective way to bring your packaging into life while having excellent quality.

We print far more than specialty expandable content labels, of course. Call us for all your labeling needs, including for plastic containers, aluminum cans, and squeezable tubes.

Peelable labels that reseal are the cost-effective solution for cleaning and beauty products such as wet wipes or baby wipes. The right resealable label makes it possible to open and reseal a container multiple times so that you can protect your product while avoiding the extreme expense of designing custom containers.

We engineer special labels designed for safe contact with food, and we can handle easy-opening controlled sealing. This technology results in an ultra tight seal that preserves the food in the container, prevents tampering, promising a long shelf life while making it easy to remove the lid with its all-in-one peelable design. It’s ideal for use with packaged foods that are intended to be eaten on the go, such as yogurt, soups in plastic containers, cereal, and noodles, and it’s also useful for spreadable butter and cheeses – just to name a few.

In all these cases, our client services team will sit down with you to determine your needs. We will then design a peelable label that fits your container exactly, with all the branding and other content that you need all will a beautiful design that grabs the customer’s eye when browsing store shelves.


If you are looking for really big solutions, our large format printing services has everything covered. We cover your walls, your cars, and even your chairs. But of course we can give you beautiful signage too, all with incredible quality.

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No matter the size of your company, large or small, we’re ready at MayaPack to help your products shine. Tell us about your project or call us today to see how we can create expandable content or peel-able labels for your products.
So tell us a little bit about your needs and we’ll contact you with our approach to your unique project.