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Label Printing Services for Special Promotional Material

Are you launching a new product or preparing for an event and need a unique way to promote it? Think how excited your customers will be when you hand them a promotional take away that they can treasure and reuse. Imagine keeping your brand’s name or your new product in front of them for days or even weeks on end, all beautifully designed and cost effective.


That’s what you get when you call us at MayaPack and ask what we can do for you with our state-of-the-art in-mold labeling production. This service creates unique products that last over time and that many customers hang on to as keepsakes. Thanks to this new technology, you now can keep your brand in your customers’ minds even when they’re not at the store.



Not just any printer can create a product that entices people to hold on to them. Our in-mold/IML labeling services allows you to create a product where the label is part of the actual plastic and will never come off. It creates an impression of quality and will always keep your brand top of mind. We have the capability to create stunning promotional pieces that are sure to impress any customer or blow away your competition with all the different technology and expertise we employ.

Producing Unique Promotional Items and Containers

With our in-mold labeling services, you can create plastic containers that present your brand or product in a unique way. Think of popcorn tubs at movie theaters or plastic drink cups that bear a promotional image or message. Customers often love to keep these promotional items as souvenirs and keepsakes, making them a subtle way to keep your brand always in front of them.

If you’re looking for something to handout at your next tradeshow or promotional giveaways to use at a product launch or grand opening of a new store, IML tubs, cups, and other containers are an ideal choice. Use them when you’re introducing a new food or beverage product with a dedicated sales spot at a supermarket, or give them away as handouts when showing off new beauty care products at a mall kiosk.

We can personalize these labels for containers to meet your exact needs, making any product a point-of-sale standout. These special containers don’t get tossed out after an open house or other promotional events because they have inherent value — unlike the brochures, business cards and flyers that so often end up in the trash.

Large Scale Promotional Printing Services from MayaPack

At MayaPack, we’re also ready to create the rest of your promotional materials for your point-of-sale decorations. Are you in need of a special display for a supermarket launch or a store opening? We can create the banners and posters you need, including on canvas and other fabrics, to draw all attention to your product.

We’ll also design and create custom event booths if you’re getting ready for an expo or trade show so that no passer-by miss your exhibit in a busy hall.

We Work With You to Promote Your Brands & Products

A Great promotional piece has a combination of innovation, personalization, and visual appeal. At MayaPack, our design team and engineers combine to specialize all areas of promotion, and our quality of printing is unsurpassed. We have the facilities to create not only IML material for containers but also the large-format printing that you need to call attention to yourself — facilities and technology that few other firms can provide.

We’ll work with the designs, artwork, and logos you already have, or our design teams will strategize and innovate to create art from scratch for you. Our customer service is second to none, and we always deliver high-quality work on time.

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Label Design services

We not only print every kind of label you can imagine, we also design them for you. If you have an idea in mind or want to try a new technique to make your products even more vibrant, our design team can design a beautiful custom label just for you. On brand, on time, and on budget.


Label it so it will last and give your customers something they want to keep. Promotional cups, coffee mugs, re-usable containers, we print personalized labels for it all. Let your brand remembered by leaving a lasting impression with our in-mold labeling services.