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Security Label Printing Servicesfor Your Business


If you want to protect your product, you should consider using a security label. Whether you’re selling mobile phones, electronics, food, and beverages, or pharmaceuticals, security labels can prevent theft, and they can prevent product tampering.


Though we’re based in Mexico, we have clients all over the world, and we understand the need for businesses big or smaller to use security labels to prevent any products from going missing during the shipping process. Often, our labels use a special glue that’s difficult to remove and replace in order to prevent theft and deter tampering. We’ve designed and provided security labels for various electronics companies, and we can help protect your business.


We use a wide range of printing technologies to help get your products safely through the supply chain and into your customers hands. Reduce loss as well as prevent tampering with our special formulated adhesives. Talk to us about how we can help with your security issues and keeping your products safe.

Industries That Need Security Labels

There are two basic types of security labels: those that come with a special self-adhesive, and those with heat shrink plastic for caps or wrap around product openings. While not every product needs its own security label – you’d never slap one on an apple, for instance – certain high-value products could use the extra protection. Frequently, we’ll provide security labels to companies that sell electronics, both small and large. This is particularly important for any business that produces and sells mobile phones, as they’re an attractive target for theft. Finally, security labels can prevent certain medicines and pharmaceuticals for going missing when they’re being transported or being tampered with as well. Your customers need to know that they are ingesting the expected product; not placebos or harmless substitutes.

Our Security Labels, Your Products

Our security labels are designed to deter theft and prevent tampering. For businesses that produce and sell electronics and mobile phones for example, we use security labels for the package of the product that comes in the box. This makes it incredibly difficult for someone to steal the product while it’s moving through the supply chain.

Unique Labels for Your Product

What is the most important parts of a security label? It’s durability. Our security labels for electronics and other products are designed to resist heat, water, and friction. They’ll also survive any use of lubricants or oils. In the end what you get is a way to see if something has been tampered and if your processes allows, at which step things went wrong. This makes it much easier to hold employees accountable and trace what has happened when.

To ensure the safety of your product, we also offer a variety of personalized label options that have extra security enhancements. These labels may include a feature that show a security symbol when they’re exposed to heat or ultraviolet light. If the text on the packaging needs to be visible, we have security labels that use a transparent substrate so that they can be used on a surface keeping the text visible with no problems. We’ll also create a security symbol that’s unique to your business so you know it can’t be duplicated by someone else.

Creating Your Security Label

The first step in creating a specialized security label is for you to meet with our sales team. We’ll get the specific information about your product and your process that we need to create the security label, then pass it on to our engineering department. They’ll work with our design team to create a secure concept that will protect your products while looking great. Next, we move into pre-press, where our customer service department will do everything in their power to ensure you’re happy with your product’s security label. Finally, we move into quality-controlled production, ensuring your labels meet each security requirement; and on to the delivery of your labels.

Label Design services

We not only print every kind of label you can imagine, we also design them for you. If you have an idea in mind or want to try a new technique to make your products even more vibrant, our design team can design a beautiful custom label just for you. On brand, on time, and on budget.


Label it so it will last and give your customers something they want to keep. Promotional cups, coffee mugs, re-usable containers, we print personalized labels for it all. Let your brand remembered by leaving a lasting impression with our in-mold labeling services.

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