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Self- Adhesive Label Printing Services


The labels on your products are the first connection your customers have with you. Are your labels enticing customers to try your products? At MayaPack, we’re ready to create customized self-adhesive labels for you. We’ll create a label with just the right design, texture and innovation to draw customers your way.


Because we can use either flexographic or digital printing to make self-adhesive labels, we can custom-design them to suit your needs and imagination, providing you with utterly unique labels that set your products apart.


Self-adhesive labels are the most commonly used, largely because they are so versatile. We can engineer these labels to fit just about any type, shape or size of container your products come in, choosing the right type of material and glue to make sure they adhere securely.

Customizable Self-Adhesive
Labels From MayaPack

Because we’re experts in printing self-adhesive labels, we can provide the personalized design services you need to make your products shine. We’re prepared to work with companies of every size, and we can turn out huge runs of labels or small, customized labels, depending on your need.

Ask us about transparencies and textures that can create a unique look for your products. We can also personalize individual labels with names, or we can add barcodes and AR data if needed for that extra edge on your competition you may be looking for. We even have the ability to print content on the adhesive side for products that are clear. Think of how amazing your speciality beverage can look when your customer sees through the bottle and gets a special message unexpectedly.

What Type of Printing
Is Right for Your
Self-Adhesive Labels?

At MayaPack, we’re able to provide both digital printing and flexography, a choice that very few printing firms in Mexico have available. These choices give us the flexibility to make the labels you actually need, rather than forcing you to take the limited labels available. Take a look at the differences and benefits of each:

  • Flexography. With flexography, we can provide high-speed printing to turn out large numbers of self-adhesive labels in a short time. Flexography also lets us match colors exactly. Make this choice if you need laminated or die-cut labels, especially at a cost-effective price. In addition, flexography opens the door to printing on foils and using special finishes or varnishes to create a unique look.
  •  Digital Printing. If you’re a smaller company without the ability to store lots of inventory, ask us about our digital printing capabilities. This print technology produces high-quality work, so it’s an ideal choice for self-adhesive wine bottle labels or other craft foods and beverages. We can also print beautiful transparent labels with this technology for products you want to show off. In addition, digital printing is the tech of choice for thermosensitive labels on products that experience heat after being packaged.

Specialized Self-Adhesive
Labels from MayaPack

We can create versatile, practical self-adhesive labels in several formats. Do you need self-adhesive labels for your beauty care items? How about labels with augmented reality AR codes that will direct your customers to your web pages where the can virtually try or product or get detailed instructions for use? We can also produce oil-resistant or water-resistant self-adhesive labels for use on cleaning products, chemicals or lubricants

At MayaPack, our design teams can create your labels from scratch, and we’re also happy to work from your designs. We always provide you with high-quality, whether creating small runs of self-adhesive labels for your small business or larger print jobs of any time.


If you are looking for really big solutions, our large format printing services has everything covered. We cover your walls, your cars, and even your chairs. But of course we can give you beautiful signage too, all with incredible quality.

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It’s hard to know off the bat if we’re the right fit for your business. But if you tell us a little about your project or your needs we can determine faster where we can help. It’ll save you time and fast track your decision in finding a printing supplier; making it easier in the end.
So tell us a little bit about your needs and we’ll contact you with our approach to your unique project.